Career Tarotscopes For August 2023


Rebecca Szymczak, aka Cardsy B, author of The Saturn Diaries and tarot reader to the stars, consulted her cards and has tips for which signs are going to use the fire of Leo to make big money moves and which should wait for more clarity to appear on the other side of the Lion’s Gate Portal wrapping on the 15th. She also has insight regarding departmental shakeups that can mean more opportunities for growth after the new moon in Leo on August 16.

The first of the month starts with a powerful full moon in Aquarius, bringing attention to equality, justice, and technological innovation. We will likely see shifts in the tech industry and significant advancements toward workplace equality. This month we also have five of the eight planets in our solar system in retrograde. Mercury retrograde begins August 23, reminding us that it’s essential to be more conscious of our words than ever (i.e., no hasty emails).

Whatever your sign, there are plenty of exciting new opportunities — plus some potential work drama  — to look for this month, so read on to see what the cards have in store.

Sign: Aries/ Aries Rising (March 21 to April 19)

Card: Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands brings the elements of fire and divine feminine creation.  The first half of the month is a powerful time to use that spark to revisit passion projects you may have shelved.

Highlight: Energy Boost

August comes in like an astral Red Bull, bringing more energy and creative flow than you know what to do with. Use this fire to ignite any extra projects or initiatives you didn’t have the time or energy for until now.

Heads Up: Not My Circus Not My Monkeys

If you’re feeling the extra spice of Leo season, use that spark for progress rather than get pulled into unnecessary work drama, as the Venus Retrograde may ignite tempers. Just stay in your lane, and you’ll be fine.

Mantra:  Let’s Go! I’m talking here and now. – Calvin Harris

Taurus/ Taurus Rising (April 20 to May 20)

Card: The Hierophant

Taurus’s methodical level-headedness makes them strong leaders, especially during times of unexpected change. August brings some upheaval on the work front and helps you see how you can best set yourself and your team up for the remainder of the year.

Highlight: Change Brings Expansion

When the new moon hits on August 16th, redirection and new projects come in, like Leo’s archetypal lion. This brings an opportunity for up-leveling for you and the chance to set your workload and/or team up in a more aligned manner.

Heads Up: What We Resist Persists

Tauruses don’t always love change, but fighting it this month will only prolong areas of discomfort. Embracing the evolution will ignite “aha” moments that serve you and those collaborating with you.

Mantra: I’m Wide Awake. – Katy Perry 

Gemini/ Gemini Rising (May 21 to June 20)

Card: 7 of Cups

Many doors are opening this month in terms of new projects and areas of focus. This can be exciting and overwhelming for the high-energy air sign of Gemini.

Highlight: Inspiration Flowing In

August is your month if you have yet to decide exactly where to start or what to focus on over the summer months regarding new work initiatives. New creative ideas and inspiration are coming in hot with Leo season.

Heads Up: Information Overload

Though the new spark of inspiration is worth celebrating, it can also trigger overwhelming feelings. Remember to take it one step and one project at a time. Creating lists and outlines is critical this month.

Mantra: One Step At A Time. – Jordan Sparks

Cancer/ Cancer Rising (June 21 to July 22)

Card: Two of Wands

A career crossroads seems to pull you out of your comfort zone this month, Cancer. If you have been longing for a change but are also a little anxious about putting yourself out there, you’re in luck this month because an opportunity finds its way to you in mid-August around the new moon in Leo.

Highlight: That Chance Is Finally Here

With the arrival of this opportunity, there is a short window of time to decide. Do what you need to rearrange your schedule to make yourself available for the initial interview or meeting.

Heads Up: Worth the Risk

When this chance finally arrives, you may try to talk yourself back into the comfort of your Cancerian crab shell – aka your current situation. Remember, reward often requires risk. There is also more abundance and greater recognition on the other side of the new doorway.

Mantra: What do you say to takin’ chances?  – Celine Dion

Leo/ Leo Rising (July 23 to August 22)

Card: Ace of Cups

Happy Birthday, Leo! Ace of Cups is bringing good news and more personal fulfillment on the job front. This looks like better team dynamics and potentially even elevation into a role with a boss.

Highlight: In the Spotlight Where You Belong

Leos love the limelight, and if you feel like some of your efforts and successes have been overlooked recently, prepare to receive the accolades you deserve this month.

Heads Up: Retrograde Shakeups 

While the Venus retrograde in Leo brings shakeups at work, this is the perfect opportunity to work more closely with specific clients and/or higher-ups. Just be mindful of the Mercury retrograde at the end of the month, ie. Double-check important emails and pause before responding when fired up in meetings.

Mantra: Spotlight on me and I’m ready. – Britney Spears

Virgo/ Virgo Rising (August 23 to September 22)

Card: 4 of Swords

With your ruling planet Mercury in Virgo and your birthday just around the corner, Virgos may be in their signature high-achieving “go-mode” more than ever. Mercury’s retrograde at the end of August reminds you to relax and enjoy the quiet before the storm, as big wins in September require you to be back to full steam ahead.

Highlight: Vacation Vibes

The end of August brings a peaceful calm that allows you to rebalance and get your personal and professional life in sync before big projects take off and require your taskmaster magic in September.

Heads Up: Allow Yourself To Relax

As the pace slows down at the end of the month, this may make go-getting Virgos anxious. It’s not a bad sign but rather a gift of recalibration before more successes come your way this fall.

Mantra: I am no longer trying to survive, I believe that life is a prize. – Nikki Minaj

Libra/ Libra Rising (September 23 to October 22)

Card: Two of Pentacles

Libras have experienced a lot of shakeup in the cosmos with their ruling planet, Venus, going retrograde and the south node switching into their sign last month. The good news is if you felt rocked by this turbulence, financial balance is the blessing resulting from this reboot coming to you this month through the fall.

Highlight: Financial Wins

The tide is turning in August if outside energies like departmental reorgs and a volatile world economy brought up financial fears last month. New opportunities that come your way by month’s end bring some much-needed relief.

Heads Up: Big Changes

Though Libra’s air energy and cool heads allow them to deal with change better than most signs, everything shifting at once can still feel overwhelming. Starting in August, explore activities that ground you during the work week, like lunchtime walks and brief morning meditations.

Mantra: Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money). – Pet Shop Boys

Scorpio/ Scorpio Rising (October 23 to November 21)

Card: The Fool

The Fool is the card that represents clean slates and new beginnings. Be patient, as this process may be more of a marathon than a sprint, but August shows signs that a high level-up is coming between now and your birthday this fall.

Highlight: Utilize That High EQ

Scorpios are known for their deep intuitive element of water. Use your spidey senses this month to tap into the needs of colleagues and clients. It seems you pick up what others haven’t, setting you up for more responsibility and money.

Heads Up: Pace Yourself

August is laying the groundwork for bigger-picture shifts. Don’t let your impatience allow you to lose sight of the long game.

Mantra: Thinking in a brand new way.– Sting

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising (November 22 to December 23)

Card: Six of Wands

For many competitive Sagittarians, this summer may have felt less like vacation vibes and more like a waiting room. Thanks to Six of Wands, this month brings in the support needed to get to the next level with a big project or finalize a deal that’s been in process longer than impatient Sagittarians would prefer.

Highlight: Faster Moving Communication

Sagittarians love to move fast and tend to be fast and decisive communicators. The Six of Wands flow plus the sun in fellow fire sign Leo bring in the information you need to get things moving.

Heads Up: Anxiety or Intuition?

While you thrive with all the fire in the sky in August, it’s essential to ask in moments of intensity if that is an intuitive feeling or anxiety. Especially as Mercury’s retrograde at the end of the month can cause miscommunication and misunderstandings at work.

Mantra: I trade in my work ethic for my worth ethic– Toni Jones

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising (December 22 to January 19)

Card: 7 of Pentacles

Capricorns, you’re not known as the hardest-working sign in the zodiac for nothing. All the seeds you planted in the first half of 2023 are starting to bloom, starting with a long-term opportunity for more abundance at the end of this month.

Highlight: A New Level

A new chapter unfolds based on a role or project you accept by month’s end. Look back at this time through the early spring of 2024 regarding shifts that generate big career milestones.

Heads Up: Be Kind To Yourself

Your big ambitions often come with a side of impatience. The more grateful you are to yourself, the more enjoyable this next level in your career will be.

Mantra: Sure Thing. – Miguel

Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising (January 20 to February 18)

Card: The Magician

It’s okay if you don’t know where you are headed long term, Aquarius because The Magician card reminds you that you already have all the tools – including your skills, network, and experience- to guide you to that change you want to make.

Highlight: Unexpected Wins

Leo season ignites your confidence this month and allows you to go on a limb for that role or project that may have felt slightly out of reach. Remember, the only way to receive is to ask.

Heads Up: Imposter Syndrome Alert

Aquarians are notoriously intelligent but can also deem themselves the “outsiders of the zodiac.” Embrace your differences- they make you the perfect candidate for this new opportunity.

Mantra: Take me with all of my beautiful scars

– Madonna

Pisces/ Pisces Rising (February 19 to March 20)

Card: The Tower

Yes, the Tower brings collapse, but moving through that debris allows us to create a more stable, aligned foundation. This is a powerful month of realization and release.

Highlight: Change Brings Freedom

Leo season shines a light on what was undeniably not working. This could involve a challenging conversation with a manager to shift the work environment or ending a contract with a misaligned client. Though not always easy, these changes bring freedom to move forward with more clarity and purpose.

Heads Up: All the Feels

Because Pisces are one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, tough conversations and decisions can be incredibly taxing. Be kind to yourself, and infuse self-care routines into your month throughout August.

Mantra: Changes are taking the pace. –David Bowie

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