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Web Design for Non-Designers


Larry Buchanan
Journalist, Designer & Coder, The New Yorker

Questions? Read our FAQs

About This Class

Today, getting a website up and running quickly is easier than ever before. But how do you make sure it's not an eyesore? For those without prior design experience, a brief primer on the basic principles and tools of web design can go a long way, whether you want to build your own sites or simply better communicate with more design-minded colleagues.


  • Introduction 4:29
  • What is Design and How Do Designers Think? 10:41
  • Q: Is it necessary to learn how to code? 1:32
  • Typography 13:14
  • Color 12:10
  • Layout 7:56
  • Recap 2:56
  • Q: How do you decide which grid is best for your site? 2:07


  • An understanding of basic design principles (alignment, color, typography, hierarchy)
  • How to apply those principles to their own projects.
  • Insight into how designers think and tips on how to work with a designer.
  • Resources to use for design inspiration and further learning.

Prereqs & Preparation

Read this: How to make your site look half decent in a halfhour. Then read this response: Design is not veneer.

About the Instructor(s)


Larry Buchanan
Journalist, Designer & Coder
The New Yorker

Larry Buchanan would love to debate the merits of your gradient-y buttons or argue with you about fonts. He's a freelance designer and illustrator who's designed things for Nike, ESPN, The Onion, Mashable, and the US Government. He recently completed the GA web dev immersive class, so he knows enough Javascript and Ruby to be dangerous.

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