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Visual Design Hacking


Purin Phanichphant
Product Designer, IDEO

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About This Class

When designing products and services, great visual design leads to higher perceived value. "Make it look good," "Make it look designy," are some things commonly heard in companies, big and small, among both engineers and business developers. In the search for great design, the myth often encountered is that there are only the gifted few who are great designers -- sometimes even referred to as "the unicorns." This is absolutely not true. Anyone can become a great designer with the right training and exposure.People in charge of products, developers, engineers, and business developers in particular can benefit greatly by learning these hacks. This class takes a crack at tips, tricks, and shortcuts to creating great visual design. We will go over:


  • Introduction 5:04
  • Line Things Up 2:25
  • Leave Breathing Room for the Eye 2:26
  • Use Designer Fonts 2:32
  • Be Consistent 2:05
  • Color 0:53
  • Good Examples 5:07
  • Use Keynote 2:34
  • Keynote Demo 36:04


  • Tips and tricks on how to create great visual designs
  • Actionable to-do items on how to build good taste and design sensibilities
  • Confidence in creative and visual design capabilities

About the Instructor(s)


Purin Phanichphant
Product Designer

Purin Phanichphant hasn't always been good at design. In fact, he used to suck at it. He tried and failed multiple times until something finally clicked. He is currently a senior product and interaction designer at IDEO and a lecturer on Visual Thinking at Stanford University.

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