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Starting a Business: Three Strategies for New Entrepreneurs


Erik Kimel
Founder, Peer2Peer

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About This Class

Starting a business seems like a daunting task. In this class, Erik will explain three strategies he has used to start successful businesses. Whether you’d like to understand how to increase your visibility on the web, choose an insurance plan, and focus on your value proposition, this is the class for you.


  • Introduction 3:16
  • Legitimacy 7:08
  • Security 5:08
  • Visibility 16:02
  • Questions 21:45


  • Know how to form your company
  • Understand strategies for increasing visibility on the web
  • Get your site live and start promoting your business

About the Instructor(s)


Erik Kimel

Erik Kimel is an entrepreneur and founded his first company, Peer2Peer Tutors, as a senior in high school in 2004. He grew Peer2Peer from one tutor and one client to over 5,000 tutors and 5,000 clients across the east coast region of the United States. In 2012, Peer2Peer Tutors was acquired by an international network of college admissions experts, which was covered by the Wall Street Journal. Kimel has been featured on the Top 25 under 25 list in Business Week and holds a BA from New York University's Stern School of Business.

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