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Project Management Best Practices

Brock Boddie
Associate Program Director, HUGE

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About This Class

You've managed an interactive project or two before, but it could have gone better -- want to find out where you might improve? This class is designed to give an overview of the best practices for project management. From developing a solid project foundation to improving communication and collaboration within your team, this class will provide a clearer idea of where you should focus your energy as a project manager.


  • Introduction 2:03
  • Basics of Project Management 3:16
  • Starting a Project 6:51
  • Q: Can you make changes after signing a SOW? 2:20
  • Scope of Work 1:09
  • Q: Project management externally vs. internally? 1:58
  • Operating a Project 10:31
  • Q: What do you think of tracking tools? 1:47
  • Q: How do you estimate extra time for the work schedule? 1:27
  • Managing Your Team 7:12
  • Q: Do you include clients in your daily stand-ups? 1:22
  • Managing Your Client 5:51
  • Opportunity 1:38
  • Process as Protection 1:17
  • Shelter Your Team 0:49
  • Relationships 1:15
  • Personal Strategies 1:39
  • Be Curious 0:56
  • Think Quickly 1:20
  • Quick Solutions 1:15
  • Communicate 0:49
  • Attitude 0:45
  • Q: How do you feel about delegating responsibility? 1:43


  • Define the scope of work
  • Use to the best tracking tools
  • Manage relationships for success
  • Communicate updates, progress, and goals
  • Manage a team to deliver great products

About the Instructor(s)

Brock Boddie
Associate Program Director

Brock Boddie has over 11 years of experience in project management on both the client and agency side, in for-profit and non-profit organizations. He has managed large interactive projects for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, SiriusXM Radio, the United Nations Development Programme, Royal Caribbean and XL Group, among others. Brock's experience spans the management of everything from full enterprise Web design and development projects, to simple front-end design and development projects done solo. He is currently an Associate Program Director at Huge, where he manages large-scale delivery and portfolio level clients.

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