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Outsourcing Operations

James Moran
Co-Founder, Yipit

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About This Class

Outsourcing allows a startup to focus on its core competency, maintain an engineering focused culture and add leverage to every member of its team. We'llcover how an early-stage startup can effectively outsource its operations. Whether a company is just starting out and needs to scale its resources or is looking towards future expansion, outsourcing is a common way to get a startup on the fast track to success.


  • Introduction 1:41
  • Why outsource 3:14
  • Negotiation 5:15
  • Types of outsourcing 3:07
  • Q: Where can I get help building a prototype? 4:16
  • Q: Do you test candidates before hiring? 8:05
  • Yipit Example 9:02
  • Great resources 1:00
  • Q: Is it possible to use a platform to manage your CRM contacts? 1:46
  • Q: Is it common practive to have a customer sign a NDA for these platforms? 0:54
  • International customers 1:05
  • Q: Is 99 Designs good? 2:24


  • Employ contractors to deliver excellent customer service, account management, content, low level BD, reporting, administration, and more
  • Marshal human resources through Mechanical Turk, Elance, Solvate, and identify what tasks are appropriate for each program
  • Ensure scalability through processes and metrics

About the Instructor(s)

James Moran

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