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Introduction to Game Design

Andrew Daines
Founder and CEO, Preplay

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About This Class

There are a lot of terrible mobile games out there - lame ones, ugly ones, and money-sucking ones that don't offer any fun in return. This seminar will get into the nitty-gritty of game design and team collaboration so that you can learn how to create a clever, beautiful, value-rich experience for mobile gamers in weeks, not months. You'll receive an education on high-level game design using paper and pencil, then dive into the details of hip collaborative tools like Trello and Confluence so that you and your team can throw out the game bible and take an agile approach to development. Come learn how to design and develop great games, faster.


  • Introduction 1:27
  • Introduction to Game Design 3:26
  • Know Your Role 4:23
  • Preplay Production Workflow 4:09
  • Time to Work 7:26
  • What Am I Doing? 5:46
  • Q: Do you roll out the product at the end of each sprint? 0:42
  • Q: Is QA integrated into the 2 week sprint? 1:08
  • Q: How do you balance micro-transaction into your game? 1:48
  • Q: How do you design a game to make it more engaging to the user? 1:46
  • Q: How do you manage your team calendar? 0:56
  • Q: How much time do you spend managing the current sprint? 2:15


  • Tell the difference between good and bad game design
  • Collaborate effectively on games
  • Develop games in a matter of weeks, not months

About the Instructor(s)

Andrew Daines
Founder and CEO

Andrew Daines is the Founder and CEO of PrePlay, Inc - a mobile game studio specializing in second-screen predictive games. The company's titles include NHL PrePlay, MLB PrePlay, and PrePlay Football, all of which enable a fan to predictive the outcomes of individual plays during a live sporting event in a synchronous, social compeition with friends and fellow fans. Since founding, the company has raised $3.6M in venture capital, formed partnerships with the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball, and worked with brands like Miller Coors and GoDaddy.

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