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How to Get a Job as a Product Manager


Jason Shah
Entrepreneur in Residence, Sherpa Ventures

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About This Class

Product management is one of the most sought-after careers in technology. Learn how people land jobs as product managers, walk away with practical tips to leverage your current job to move into product management and understand what it is like to be interviewed for the role. This class is meant for former consultants/bankers, MBA students, engineers moving into product, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are curious about product management.


  • Introduction 1:12
  • How We Get There 1:29
  • 5 Things a PM Does 17:33
  • Finding the Right PM Role 14:01
  • Interview Questions 22:44
  • Q&A 11:56


  • What is expected of a product manager
  • What tech startups look for on a resume for a product manager candidate
  • How to ace a product management interview
  • How to keep up with the product management discipline

About the Instructor(s)


Jason Shah
Entrepreneur in Residence
Sherpa Ventures

Jason Shah was a product manager at Yammer, the enterprise social network used by more than 85% of the Fortune 500. In this role, Jason conceives and leads the developments of new features for the product, measuring the impact during experiments and making decisions about what to release to Yammer's six million users. Jason is also the creator of HeatData, a TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon winner. Prior to Yammer and HeatData, Jason founded, an education technology company acquired by CK12 in 2011. He blogs regularly about user experience at You can find him on twitter @jasonyogeshshah. Jason is now an Entrepreneur in Residence at Sherpa Ventures.

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