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How to Develop a Venture-Worthy Business Model


David Verchere
Founder, Sharity

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About This Class

Venture capital firms do not invest in “billion dollar ideas.” Rather, they look for “billion dollar business models.” The first half of this class explores the basic structure of venture funds and how venture capitalists evaluate investment opportunities. During the second half of the class, you’ll learn the tools necessary to identify and build profitable business models.


  • Introduction 3:06
  • Structure of VC Firms 2:32
  • How VCs Choose Investments 8:44
  • Evaluate Your Business Idea 4:20
  • Revenue Models 11:57
  • Heuristics 14:47
  • Takeaways 9:00


  • Understand how venture capital firms make investment decisions
  • Know the first steps to evaluating the profitability of your business model
  • Plan steps toward profitability

About the Instructor(s)


David Verchere

David founded Sharity - a startup that raises money for charity when people share.

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