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Growth Hacking and User Acquisition for Startups


Julie Zhou
Lead Product Manager, Growth, Yik Yak

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About This Class

So you've built a great product, now what? Your startup will succeed or fail depending on how many customers you can bring in. But your traction depends on how well you can outpace incumbents with more cash and brand recognition. Time to get creative.

There are dozens of user acquisition tactics, from paid advertising to social media to PR and more. Growth hacking is the process of finding the strategies that work for you. In this workshop you'll learn how to develop a user acquisition strategy for your unique product.


  • Introduction 2:41
  • How to Get Customers 5:29
  • Acquisition 29:44
  • Activation 5:02
  • Retention 12:54
  • Examples and Questions 10:19


  • Optimization opportunities for every step of the user acquisition funnel
  • Paid acquisition tactics that cost little or nothing
  • "The Viral Factor" - where does your product stand?
  • Using bigger companies as distribution channels
  • Discovering the power of being a startup next to restrictions on incumbents

About the Instructor(s)


Julie Zhou
Lead Product Manager, Growth
Yik Yak

Julie Zhou has built nearly a decade of experience in growth for some of the most well-known products in the world. She is currently the lead product manager for growth at Yik Yak, an app that provides access to anonymous local feeds anywhere you go. Prior to that, she led growth hacking and user acquisition at Hipmunk, the fastest, easiest way to plan travel and was a product marketer for Google AdWords, Maps and Android.

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