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Getting Started with Git and GitHub


Derek Dahmer
Engineer, General Assembly

Questions? Read our FAQs

About This Class

Not familiar with Github? No problem. This class covers the basics of setting up git and will walk you through checking your code into a repository. We'll also show you how to make feature branches so you can check in in-progress code without affecting code you're deploying.


  • Introduction 5:11
  • How to Install Git 1:10
  • Let's Get Started with Using Git 2:27
  • Q: How do you get the git branch to show up as part of the promt? 1:56
  • Q: Will the same commands work in windows? 2:11
  • Q: What is the difference between adding and committing? 2:19
  • Know What Changes You Made 2:31
  • Q: If you add subdirectories do you manage everything at the top level? 0:39
  • Extra Commands With Git Log 2:22
  • How to Jump Back in Time 1:43
  • Q: Is it possible to overwrite code someone else has written? 0:58
  • Basics of GitHub 10:55
  • Q: When is the right time to push? 2:15
  • Working With Others 5:42
  • Dealing With Conflicts 5:14
  • Branching 8:11


  • Create a new repository (git init) and clone an existing repository (git clone)
  • Run a commit
  • Use git log to see the history
  • Use simple branching
  • Push to github and view changes online

Prereqs & Preparation

Must have Git installed on your computer (for more details on setting up:

About the Instructor(s)


Derek Dahmer
General Assembly

Derek Dahmer is a NYC web developer who loves building web things. He works with rails, coffeescript and backbone.js, and occasionally a little python and node.js. You can find his code on github, some short messages on twitter, his network on linkedin and music on

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