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Data Visualization for Business: Introduction to Visual Tools


Sebastian Gutierrez
Co-Founder and CTO, LetsWombat

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About This Class

Data visualizations are a critical business tool. This class serves as an introduction to the visual techniques that are often employed when describing, analyzing, and communicating data in a business setting. We’ll start by explaining the role of data visualization in a business setting, and then dive into basic visual methodology.


  • Introduction 3:52
  • Preliminary Work 8:25
  • Methodology 8:53
  • Tools You Can Use to Get Started 3:45
  • Visual Tools: Marks and Channels 7:58
  • Examining Visual Tools 5:18
  • Discussion about Tableau 3:41


  • Describe the business value in visualizing data
  • Identify different types of data visualizations and how to use them effectively

About the Instructor(s)


Sebastian Gutierrez
Co-Founder and CTO

Sebastian Gutierrez is the Co-Founder of LetsWombat, a product sampling startup, and quite the Data Visualization Communicator. At LetsWombat he leads the technical work and business development. Prior to LetsWombat, Gutierrez worked on Wall Street and other Startups where he specialized in creating Actionable Data Visualizations from complex and rich data sets. He has a BS in Mathematics from MIT and an MA in Economics from the University of San Francisco. His hobbies are running a Meetup Group for the Data Visualization JavaScript Library D3.js, running a website dedicated to the education of D3.js and eating Chinese food.

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