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Content Marketing for New Marketers: Create Your First Content Strategy


Mike Tekula
Consultant, Distilled

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About This Class

There are many platforms that can be leveraged for content marketing, from email to social media channels. It is important for new marketers to create a content strategy that takes their business goals and audience into account. In this class, Mike will teach a few popular promotional strategies and then outline the steps for creating a content calendar that is suitable for personal and small business branding.


  • Introduction 2:40
  • Appropriate Channels 14:28
  • Editorial Calendar 23:22
  • Gauge If It Works 18:20


  • Identify appropriate marketing channels
  • Create a content strategy and content calendar
  • Know how guage if your content strategy is working

About the Instructor(s)


Mike Tekula

Mike has helped organizations around the world capitalize on search engine traffic and build effective online experiences.

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