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Build Your Community Through Events: Sponsorship and Promotion


Mandy Walker
Field Marketing Manager, Motion Recruitment Partners

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About This Class

The community that gets together, grows together. Learn how to increase the power of your community by bringing them together through successful, engaging events.

Events allow you to amplify your brand, organize your user base, and impact real people offline.

In the second part of this three-part series, Mandy will demonstrate finding event sponsors, promoting, and executing your first event.


  • Introduction 1:46
  • Find Event Sponsors 7:03
  • Types of Event Sponsors: Service Sponsorship 4:29
  • Types of Event Sponsors: Monetary Sponsorship 1:55
  • Promote Your Event 8:01
  • Invite the Press 4:57
  • Q&A 16:20


  • Identify opportunities for product, food & beverage, venue and promotional sponsorships
  • Promote your event through newsletters and social platforms

Prereqs & Preparation

Watch Part I of this series “Build Your Community Through Events: Groups and Membership”.

About the Instructor(s)


Mandy Walker
Field Marketing Manager
Motion Recruitment Partners

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