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Basics of Web APIs


Derek Dahmer
Engineer, General Assembly

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About This Class

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application or Web tools. A software company releases its API to the public so that other software developers can design products that are powered by its service.


  • Introduction 1:19
  • What Is an API 7:27
  • How Does It Work 4:00
  • Why Are APIs Interesting for Developers 7:26
  • Why Are APIs Interesting for Business 7:26
  • Messing Around with APIs 4:53


  • Learn why an API is such a powerful tool
  • See how APIs can help power your business
  • Understand what kind of data can be shared with APIs

About the Instructor(s)


Derek Dahmer
General Assembly

Derek Dahmer is a NYC web developer who loves building web things. He works with rails, coffeescript and backbone.js, and occasionally a little python and node.js. You can find his code on github, some short messages on twitter, his network on linkedin and music on

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