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Rosalind Skinner

Web Developer, Grumpy Sailor Creative


Ros is a full-stack web developer at Grumpy Sailor, an independent creative technology and innovations agency which currently works exclusively with Google's Creative Labs.

Grumpy Sailor will take seemingly impossible briefs, ruminate over them and deliver highly creative, polished solutions. Nothing is too big, nothing is too outrageous, nothing is impossible. Sometimes all it takes is some lateral thinking, some elbow grease and a desire to muck in, dig around, get your hands dirty. Digitally focused, creatively produced, world-class projects is what they do. Grumpy Sailor creates work that seeks to use technology as a facilitator of human interaction not at the expense of human interaction.

Ros is passionate about innovation in technology and creative web applications. Web development satiates her appetite to be creative whilst also adhering to her logical, problem solving side. Creative Nerd?

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