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Paul Amsbary

Sr. User Experience Designer, Major League Baseball (MLB)


Paul is a Senior User Experience Designer with Vertigo, a San Francisco Bay Area UX and software development company specializing in the latest consumer experiences. Previously with Schematic, Yahoo! and Turner Broadcasting, he has contributed to numerous, industry-leading web, mobile, desktop and interactive television applications, including a patent for ACR (automatic content recognition) technology. In 2012, Paul led the design of the first interactive episodes of Conan and The Big Bang Theory on Internet-connected (smart) TVs and has since helped push the limits of multi-screen innovation for brands including CNN, NBA, TruTV, Bleacher Report, Samsung, LG, and Vizio.

A graduate of the Digital Media master's program at Georgia Tech and an MFA recipient from Cal Arts, Paul’s approach connects both the engineering and creative aspects of product design. He is a student of creativity, an innovation facilitator and leader of workshops that combine Gamestorming with the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process. With experience as an educator at high-school and post-secondary institutions, including Middlebury College and the Community College of Vermont, Paul is committed to helping students reach their career goals in UX, design and other next-generation creative careers.

Paul’s interests and activities outside of UX include raising his kids, restoring old stuff, Weimaraners and inventing things to keep his Weimaraner out of trouble.

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