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Norman Chui

COO, FSB Companies


Norman is the COO at the FSB Companies, a privately owned investment firm with a diverse portfolio of about forty holdings. His background spans from small entrepreneurial companies to large Fortune 500 companies. In his more than twenty years of experience, he has faced both the challenges of being an external consultant, where objectivity and thought leadership are paramount, and an in-house manager, where long-term results and relationships are key to success.

Prior to working at FSB, Norman was a Director at Sapient (SAPE) where he was responsible for delivering numerous high-profile solutions to top financial institutions. His expertise extends from leading technology teams in building a major debt management system to serving as a change agent in transforming product development teams. He has coached teams and advised executives in implementing methodologies that promote a common vision, strong collaboration, and improved product delivery.

Norman has worked in the role of a Product Manager on a number of occasions both in-house at a mid-sized software firm as well as in consulting with clients. He has had the privilege to work with over a dozen product managers sometimes side-by-side and other times as an advisor.

At the investment firm, he is focusing now on a segment he believes to be the wave of future economic growth — smaller, more nimble companies with passionate leaders and risk-takers who are willing to innovate and pivot in order to deliver solutions for tomorrow. He believes that Product Managers are the leaders that will help drive these companies to uncommon success.

Norman earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1994 and an MBA from University Chicago in 2006 with a focus on Finance, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior. He is a fan of all things that enable human potential.

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