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Noah Appel

Software Engineer and Founding Team Member,

San Francisco

Noah Appel is a musician turned engineer, who is now combining his 2 passions at a music tech start up called After graduating from Berklee College of Music, and after spending 5 years on the road with his mask-wearing, gypsy-rock band, Noah entered the tech start up world in Boston. Working as a front-end developer, Noah became enthralled with the way in which he could use JavaScript to build rich user experiences, and began soaking up any new web technology he could get his hands on.

After moving to San Francisco in 2014, Noah joined the founding team of, a music streaming service aggregator, to build out the experience layer of the web application. Using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails, Noah rebuilt and maintains the current web applications which are being served to millions of visitors everyday.

Noah first got involved with General Assembly when he took the BEWD class in Boston. Since then, he’s been wanting to stay involved with GA, and decided that there’s no better way than to share his experiences and knowledge with the GA community.

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