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Morgan Whaley

Senior Front End Engineer, Cognizant Quick Left


I am a Colorado native and have been developing for the web for 5 years. Before that time I cut my teeth in print, design, and advertising. I take in orphaned apps, play devil's advocate, and don't assume everyone other than me is an idiot. I'm not above public shaming when it comes to bad UX and like playing the Let’s Make This Code faster game, even if it’s just with myself. I also like checking out all the different hipster-named frameworks that come out regularly.

I live in Denver with my husband, our small dogs, hugs cats, and collection of fun cars. When not at a computer I can be found making throwback cocktails, cooking meals, running trails, hiking mountains, and drinking coffee. I am a straight up Type A personality with a wicked sense of humor. I can always be relied on to contribute custom emojis to slack groups and add GIFs on how a certain pull request made me feel.

My only regret in life is that I wish I had come up with The User Is Drunk.

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