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Molly Sanyour

Art Educator & Artist

Washington, D.C.

Here is a little of my story...

I was an ceramic arts major and got my teaching license. After graduating I taught elementary art for 8 years but always presued my passion for clay by taking classes whenever and wherever I could! After 8 years at the elementary level, I landed my dream job teaching just Ceramics at the high school level! About two years ago, I decided to take my own art making to the next level! I knew that some of the key steps to reaching a larger audience, and appearing professional, included a website and selling online. I looked into paying somebody to make my website (they used Wordpress, which was like Greek to me) and using etsy to sell. However, just weeks after my site went live, our school taught us how to use weebly to make our own teacher web pages for both students and parents to follow and keep up with our class assignments and such. As soon as I saw how easy it was not only to build but to make changes and update the site, I stopped using the other two and did it all myself! It is now part of my curriculum to have my students make their own websites, as a life skill in an entrepreneurial world, using weebly, as I wish someone had shown me earlier and I could have saved all that money! My teacher page is and there you can see the link to my student websites!

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