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Mitchell Fairchild

Technology/Design Teacher, Sci-Tech Preparatory School


Mitch is an educator with more than 10 years of experience teaching students of all ages, all races, and all socio-economic backgrounds. He is currently the Technology/Design teacher at Sci-Tech Preparatory in East Austin. In the classroom, Mitch attempts to utilize technology as much as possible. From tests administered online to electronic forms of daily journal writing, he attempts to submerge his students in all avenues of technology with the goal of graduating young men and woman who can effectively perform all measures of tasks with true 21st Century Skills.

Video game design, music video production, stop motion animation, hologram experimentation, and paper shoe manufacturing are some of the skills that Mitch passes on to his students. Recently, a handful of his students won international recognition when they produced a mini-documentary on the topic of creativity in the classroom. Their video was chosen and highlighted at The Peterson Academic Symposium in The Hague, (Netherlands) in 2015, and will be used as a curriculum tool to help educators from around the world better understand why creativity is so essential to the success of today’s students.

Mitch is currently in the dissertation writing process of his Doctoral Candidacy in Educational Leadership, and in 2015 was co-founder of Innovative and Creative Educational Tools (I.C.E.T), a company that designs educational applications for smartphones.

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