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Meow - Ludo

Co-Founder, BioFoundry


Meow-Ludo is a passionate maker with the belief that biotechnology holds the answers to solve a range of worldwide scale problems. He has co-founded Australia's first biohackspace, BioFoundry. BioFoundry allows members of the general public to come and co-create and explore molecular biology.

BioFoundry is part of the worldwide maker movement and adds into a growing number of independent labs set up with the goal of lowering the technological and cost barrier of gene modification technologies. This movement is termed DIY-Bio or biohacking and has created both controversy and hope. DIY-Bio projects currently in progress include glowing plants and vegan cheeses.

Meow-Ludo has a background in molecular biology and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and vision of creating grassroots change through citizen science combined with genetic engineering.

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