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Megna Murali

Over a career spanning 12 years, Megna has wrangled data into actionable insights for companies like Rio Tinto, Woolworths, BP, Westpac, Metcash, Foodstuffs and Air New Zealand. Megna specialises in customer and retail analytics with a particular emphasis on behavioural and marketing insights. She takes an innovative approach to analytics crafted through her diverse and multi industry experience.

Megna started her career building simulation models of water networks and mining sites, including a very memorable visit to a copper mine in the heart of Chile. From building models that predicted the demand for hot pies to helping brands map and optimize end-to-end customer journeys, Megna has delivered solutions that use data to understand and influence customer behaviour across retail, digital, media and marketing.

She believes the secret to her success is in being immensely curious and constantly seeking innovation and incremental improvement. She is a strong believer that good analytics is not just technically sound but answers the all important question - so what?

Megna loves to use Python, Excel and Tableau and is experienced with SQL, data engineering, database design and machine learning

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