Mark Heaps Photo

Mark Heaps

Executive Director, Houndstooth Studio

Los Angeles

Mark Heaps snapped his first picture at the age of four. Then he picked up a guitar, a skateboard, and a can of spray paint, then kick-flipped his way into the world of art and design. Today, he's a professional creative, an Adobe Certified Professional, an Adobe Community Professional, and the Executive Director at Houndstooth Studio, where he and his team design experience solutions that move audiences from passive to participant. He's a sucker for good tattoos, live music, and ketchup on most everything. Mark currently resides in Austin, where he lives with his wife, daughter, son, two dogs, and a pantry full of ketchup. With over twenty years experience in design and production, and more than a decade teaching and lecturing on theory and technical design practices, now he strives to share his knowledge with others in hopes those same people will inspire him in the future.

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