Mandy Ross (Moderator) Photo

Mandy Ross (Moderator)

Founder, Yearn to Learn


Mandy is the founder of Melbourne’s latest offering in social, accessible, learning - Yearn-to-Learn., an organisation focused on engaging your mind and giving you an opportunity to get your hands dirty. Yearn to Learn want you to learn something new in less than 2 hours, for the cost of a movie ticket. They want you to tinker, play, create and connect.

At 31 Mandy herself is a living example of continuous learning, and finding the unusual in the usual. Her varied pathway has led her though a career in Cybercrime, Publishing and Media, with the silk thread being education. Mandy is definitely able to tell a tale or two, and will be sharing her insight into disrupting the boring, creating interesting learning opportunities, and serving it up with zing.

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