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K. P. Reddy is a nationally recognized speaker for entrepreneurs and Fortune 5000 companies. His expertise in building companies for over 20 years has made him a sought-after speaker and advisor. A wealth of knowledge in multiple areas, K.P. is a globally recognized expert on advanced technologies including BIM, collaborative communications, AI, semantics database, mobile applications, cloud computing and innovation. Currently, he is CEO for SoftWear Automation, pioneering robotic automation in the textile industry. As a general partner with CTW Venture Partners, he invests in innovative startups such as: ReelLife a video sharing social media app and a speaking management app. He is also a managing partner with AMPIRIX, an analyst-research-consulting firm that recommends innovative solutions, launches new products, directs strategic acquisitions and forges corporate relationships. Prior to his role at SoftWear, K.P. lead the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), one of the top 10 incubators in the world and more than doubled their membership.

A well-known serial entrepreneur, he has over 15 years experience in construction, engineering and technology. K.P. founded the Reddy Group in 1994 that developed applications on the web and mobile devices. Then in 1997 he founded Cereus Technology Partners, a world class ISP and application service provider that was acquired by Verso Technologies. By 2005, he had started RCMS group, a parametric CAD company, which was acquired by ARC document solutions (NYSE: ARC.)

K.P. has bootstrapped startups as well as run public companies, which gives him a unique insight into innovation and growth among global leaders. He has seen the entire cycle of what makes companies grow, establishing him as a business thought leader. It just isn’t possible to find a business model of which K.P. doesn’t have an informed opinion.

Innovative and aggressive, he speaks to leaders with intriguing topics such as: Your Culture Sucks Because You Suck, Why Big Companies Can’t Innovate, Disruption Is Not A Marketing Campaign, Why You’re Not a CEO, Yet… and Why Every Recent Grad Should Work at a Startup. Highly sought after due to his candid counsel to both startups and Fortune 1000 companies alike, he has been requested by organizations such as IBM, Coca-Cola, UPS, Cox Communications and Autodesk. K.P. has spoken at universities all over the U.S. including: Harvard, Georgia Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Emory, San Jose State, University of South Carolina, and Cleveland State. K.P. is a civil engineer, which means he believes that if it isn’t broken it doesn’t have enough features yet. He has served on the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), BIM Task Force

and the Technology Advisory Board.

In addition to his many business responsibilities, Reddy is the kick-ass dad of two active boys. He enjoys playing soccer, cooking, hiking, spontaneous travel and yoga.  K.P. works to make changes in his local community, actively identifying and building up the next generation of leaders. Working with

organizations like TiE Global and the American Diabetes Association, K.P. gives back to causes that make a difference.

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