Kara Frank Photo

Kara Frank

Account Executive, Adfero

Washington, D.C.

Account Executive Kara Frank has the rare ability to look at a challenge and see – almost instantly – a multi-faceted solution. Specializing in digital advertising, social media engagement and content creation, Kara is always looking for ways to enhance her skills and thereby improve client service. For most people, staying on top of digital trends is a chore; for Kara, it’s exhilarating.

As sharp and versatile as a Swiss Army knife, Kara is a true problem solver. She understands the complex relationships between digital content, audiences, social media promotion and advertising, and works tirelessly to ensure that these elements are working in concert. Kara greets each new challenge with clear eyes and a strong desire to innovate, and has personally delivered impressive results on behalf of clients’ grassroots advocacy, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Kara first dipped her toes in PR while interning for the athletic department of her alma mater, James Madison University (in fact, the JMU School of Communications regularly calls upon Kara to guest-lecture current students who are eager to advance their own careers). A sports buff and self-proclaimed Beyonce enthusiast, Kara spends much of her free time volunteering as a youth group advisor.

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