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Jullien Gordon

Creator, SideHustla.com

New York City

Jullien Gordon is Creator of SideHustla.com and B.P.A.I.D.—an online MBA program for side hustlas. He foresees side hustling becoming the new career path for young workers. He defines side hustling as the practice of capitalizing on one’s gifts, talents, strengths, and skills to create and capture value in the world through who we are and what we do. Through his trainings at Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi and PwC, speaking at colleges nationwide, and his website SideHustla.com, Jullien is igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of what he calls "The Incomes Generation."

Jullien believes that employees create jobs too. Through his inquiry-based "innerviewing" technique and trainings, he helps professionals bring more of who they are to what they do. He has innerviewed hundreds of professionals and discovered that most have an entrepreneurial spirit and if they don’t feel free to exercise it at work, then they are likely doing it through a side hustle. Someone with a side hustle sees their employer as their biggest client, but not their only client or source of income.

Jullien's work began in the talent recruitment and development industry in 2007 with his work as the Associate Director of Talent Recruitment for Management Leadership for Tomorrow where he recruited diverse talent at the college and MBA level. From there, he went on to start his own leadership development company called The Department of Motivated Vehicles (which is now New Higher). As the Founding Parter of New Higher, Jullien uses his innerviewing process to help companies and colleges understand what motivates their employees and students at a deeper level. New Higher’s introspective techniques, trainings, and tools seek to motivate, engage, and retain talent to increase presence, productivity, and profit.

Jullien trained at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he focused on organizational behavior, high performance leadership, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Jullien is also the author of four books on career advancement, finding purpose, goal achievement, and closing the college-to-career gap to help young professional discover their life's work and make their highest contribution to the world through their daily work.

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