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Julianne Burke

Background in virtual/augmented reality


Julianne Burke is a UXDI Lead Instructor who is passionate about uplifting the next generation of designers and exploring design’s role in social change.

She has experience leading creative direction for a range of experiences, including virtual and augmented reality games, 360° green screen photo booths, and touch screen experiences, all of which empower her to be an informed and resourceful educator.

In her creative practice, Julianne designs with accessibility and inclusivity at the forefront. Outside of work, Julianne is active in the design community as a writer, speaker, and zine-maker.

What her students say:

-"Julianne was a great instructor. I really appreciated learning from her, she was friendly, approachable, and super inspiring especially in terms of social causes that we can approach as designers. She constantly shared her favorite resources, design tips, real world experience and fun facts." - UXDI student

-"Julianne is a really great instructor -- she explains things super clearly and also makes sure that everyone is on the same page during lecture before moving on. She is really great about providing an abundance of extra class resources in our slack for the majority of lessons, including other design communities or design-related events. She is also really empathetic and adjusts the class schedule/ timing to our needs (for example, if we're in the really busy part of a project, she'll move around lectures so we have more time to work on the projects). She is also just a good person and makes it clear that she is non-judgmental of each of our identities and personal circumstances!" - UXDIR student

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