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Hunter Trujillo

Co-Founder and CTO, Arcjet Media


I'm a web developer in Boulder, Colorado.

I love working with complex web application frameworks, and web graphics frameworks (both 2D and 3D).

I studied at Metro State for some time, but ultimately decided that with my substantial body of work and self-driven experience with JavaScript, my time is better spent working on challenging projects that are valued by others.

I've worked on a number of other things not directly associated with software, as well.

I have worked in the Environmental Sciences & Engineering division of the Colorado School of Mines as a lab assistant. There, I gained experience with algae and genetic engineering techniques, and later, worked on developing workflows for processing phylogenetic data.

An avid space enthusiast, I'm very in-tune with the exciting things happening these days in commercial aerospace. In addition, I'm intrigued by the idea of "auxons"​, a type of self-replicating machine system that uses "​in-situ resource utilization"​, meaning, they "live off the land"​, splitting the oxygen from metals in the soil in order to make more of themselves.

I've also done a great deal of work on indie games, game designs, have attended GDC in San Francisco, and was President of the Game Developer Association on Auraria Campus. I've created dozens of design documents, with settings and worlds, characters and stories for a variety of different game genres. I've also written a fair number of science fiction short stories.

I have a very broad base spanning many technical fields, while also specializing in areas where my skills are strongest, especially JavaScript and full stack web development. I'm a driven and ambitious individual, and have the knowledge, skill, and experience to back those qualities up.

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