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Heather A. Rider

Founder, Course Magazine | Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Catharsis Productions


For the longest time I tried talking about sex education in every way possible without actually talking about sex education. I originally studied Biology - Ecology & Evolution, interned at the Chicago Zoological Society and volunteered doing behavioral research on Dolphins, Gibbons, and Okapi and how their relationships with their mothers effected their growth and development, I quickly switched to Psychology - Cognitive Neuroscience because I didn't want to take Organic Chemistry because I would be missing out in my social life!

After I made that transition, my life fell into place. I landed a research gig with a lab studying Attachment Theory. Perfectly piggy backing off my research with mother-infant attachment at the Zoo. After 6 months of deep diving into data I took a risk and interned at a Start Up that focused on leveraging our social networks for social justice. I was hooked in the entrepreneurial lifestyle and finding creative ways to help people get access to the resources and the quality information they need to lead a fulfilling life.

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