Ethan Lipsitz Photo

Ethan Lipsitz

Founder, Apliiq

Los Angeles

As a high schooler growing up in beautiful Brookline, Mass, Ethan used to hand stitch his mom's fabrics onto his clothing in geometric patterns and shapes. When Ethan went off to college in Philly he became known for my fabric stitched hoodies that he would customize for himself and friends. As he braced himself to shoot out of the 'post graduation real-life' funnel, he decided to put more effort into his custom hoody business and built a website. In 2008, after making hoodies and tees for all his friends and family, Ethan moved to LA and made it his full time effort. The company was picked up on where Apliiq became a household name in pocket tees and funky fabric lined hoodies. focused on offering a creative customization experience for everyday apparel with their growing fabric collection. Today Apliiq employs a growing family focused on making the most creative platform to create unique clothing for individuals, groups, teams and brands.

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