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David Renteln Photo

David Renteln

Chief Marketing Officer, Soylent

Los Angeles

As Chief Marketing Officer for Soylent, Renteln oversees and orchestrates all aspects of Soylent’s marketing activities including customer service, creative advertising, media, publicity, promotion, digital marketing, business development, and sales. He has also played a key role in Soylent’s product development.

Renteln previously served as Soylent’s Head of Business Development & Sales. In that role, he orchestrated Soylent’s strategic business partnerships and opened new sales channels, while also building relationships with partners to formulate Soylent’s manufacturing and logistics processes.

Prior to joining Soylent, he and Soylent’s Chief Technology Officer, John Coogan, co-founded a venture backed education technology company in San Francisco. Renteln then worked in a bioengineering lab at California Institute of Technology and deferred his PhD program in the Biological Engineering Division to focus on building Soylent. Renteln is a Harvard alumnus with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology, where he also served as President of the Harvard Rugby Team. A native of the Greater Los Angeles Area, he currently resides there with his fellow co-founders.

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