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Danny Hotea

Founder, Reassembly


As a day job, I help mega-companies design software with a minimal-agony-to-use ratio. I haven’t successfully created agony-free software but that’s my (day job) life’s work. I combine my understanding of cognitive factors, visual design, motion/animation and irritability to bare upon each project I do.

As a byproduct of being on the Internet all the time, I learn stuff. Then I do stuff I love. Like, medium format film photography, digital filming, interviewing and audio recording.

I’m informally self-taught at all my trades and have been at it, officially, since 1998. I’ve learned to mourn my self-toughtness and seek healthy community where I can grow together as well as on my own.

I recently renamed my company from Consulticus, which as a spoof on Sparticus, to Reassembly Co which is not a spoof on anything. I UX/UI Design. I know all the webs stuff but can’t type it. I film. I record. I use my words. I don’t have much of an inside voice. I love to laugh and am moved to tears more-and-more easily as my heart becomes more-and-more alive.

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