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Dan Hough

Software Developer


Dan is an software engineer who recently joined the freelance world after working for Huddle for two-and-a-half years, and a creative agency before that. He's been making websites since he was 12, but people have been paying him to do so for about five years. Now he works with a number of small startups on projects on the back-end and the front-end, as well as spending a good amount of his time on his side projects and open-source work.

One of his side projects is StreetScout (https://streetscout.io/), a single-page web app and iPhone app for finding places to stop on your journeys. He also developed a JavaScript port of the game SkiFree (http://basicallydan.github.io/skifree.js/), and actively maintains a blog about development, startups, business and many other subjects over at http://danhough.com/ - feel free to go and say hi.

When he's not whipping some JavaScript & CSS into shape, he's probably either rock climbing, playing the guitar or busking on the underground.

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