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Craig Sharkie

Senior Front-end Developer and Technology Author


Sharkie is a renowned front-end web developer-advocate with 20+ years in front-end development experience and a second-to-none knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Founder and lead wrangler of Sydney's popular meet-up SydJS ( and organiser of JSConfAu, he was coding on the Web before CSS had started to cascade. With two best-selling books behind him, Sharkie paves a path others are willing to follow and advocates for strong developers, responsive designs and disruptive products.

Sharkie is also a User Experience (UX) Developer, Advocate, and Researcher, and his user-centric approach to Agile development has him disrupt project managers and delight product owners. Sharkie is keen to make each product so good you won't realise you were using it, so in turn you will make products and services so good he wishes he'd built them.

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