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Cassandra Worthy

Owner & Founder, We Are Change Enthusiasts


Cassandra Worthy is a high impact speaker, former Fortune 100 Innovation Leader, STEAM advocate, and world-leading expert on Change Enthusiasm. With her BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, she spent nearly 15 years working in Fortune 100 companies undergoing some of the biggest shifts ever recorded in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. She’s played integral roles in multi-billion dollar acquisitions, leading cultural shifts within both acquiring and acquired organizations. As a champion of change and the world’s leading expert on change enthusiasm, Cassandra has become THE thought-leader on change, delivering programs of inspiration across any and every industry.

Cassandra is passionate about STEAM education and the proliferation of authentic, diverse talent within the STEAM- driven industry pipeline. She proudly serves as a point of inspiration to students all around the world, sharing her story and lessons learned from the moment science chose her to today. Cassandra founded the worldwide #WeAreChangeEnthusiasts movement, garnering >3M online impressions, >1M video views and counting.

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