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Brad Wertman

Founder Apparent, Co-founder DrivenLabs

New York City

With 10 years of experience in automotive R&D and having completed GA's Web Development Immersive program, I co-founded Driven Labs( In Driven Labs I developed the repair shop side of our auto repair marketplace mobile app. The app creates a network of independent auto repair shops and provides easy customer check-in with it's ability to request a car's details, sensor readings and trouble codes.

I'm now in the early stages(private Alpha) of my second startup, Apparent. Apparent makes being involved with your child's school easy. No more long email chains trying to plan who can help and when. In Apparent, Parent Teacher Association Board members list their events, when they need volunteers and how many. Parents can view upcoming events, buy tickets and sign up to help. Clearly connected parents. Visually better schools, that's Apparent.

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