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Borden Liu

Maximum Stack Web Developer

San Francisco

Borden Liu is a computer scientist/software engineer with a wide array of experiences but with one goal: to build awesome stuff. He has been a lead developer and multi-talented creator at multiple profitable startups, including Vertical Brands and Nanosatisfi.

Recently with Nanosatisfi, Borden worked on every aspect of the company as one of the early engineers. His accomplishments ranged from embedded systems to distributed ground stations and centralized control center. Notable projects include camera and storage solutions on first generation satellites, distributed satellite tracking solution, satellite task workflow, power management system on 3rd generation satellites, and imaging payload on 2nd generation satellites.

As a former principle architect at Vertical Brands, Borden built new infrastructure and services to Vertical Brands, including Apartmentlist,, and

His specialties are: UAVs, Web Development, 3d modeling and animation, 3d programming, elastic server infrastructures.

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