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Bertilla Wong

Founder, The Closet Lover


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If you've heard of The Closet Lover, you'll probably know about the online fashion industry! The Closet Lover was founded by Bertilla and her sister, and started as a sideline for them to earn pocket money when they were still students -- they never expected it to grow to where they are today.

Being an entrepreneur means Bertilla gets exposed to many lessons not taught in school. It hasn't been a smooth journey - she works longer hours than a regular employee; weekends and public holidays are work days too if the need arises. No complaints though, since this is her job, her hobby and most importantly, her passion. She loves what she does and is glad to share her passion for fashion with people.

Bertilla has built her online persona through the years managing The Closet Lover. She engages with her followers and shoppers actively on Dayre and Instagram. She loves writing and Dayre is a platform that allows her to share her life as a #girlboss, her foodie adventures and just random musings! These platforms also allow her to showcase her outfit photos which can be purchased from her store. She believe with the help of these social media platforms, customers and followers are able to relate to her as a "online pal" more instead of a business-consumer kind of relationship.

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