Bart Wolkowski (Moderator) Photo

Bart Wolkowski (Moderator)

Director, Redwolf


Bart is a passionate technology advocate and people person who believes great recruitment consulting is about connecting talented people in meaningful ways.

To Bart and the Redwolf team, recruitment consulting means more than putting people into jobs; it’s affecting the very lives of individuals (and their families) and something they take seriously. It’s the difference between companies being able to reach for the sky and change the world or wallow in frustration.

Bart brings an empathetic and human approach to what can sometimes be a cold and uncaring world of Digital and IT recruitment. He is a firm believer that passion, persistence and personality go a long way in creating ongoing win-win outcomes.

Bart is always interested in talking to talented people who are passionate about what they do and want to make their (positive) mark on the universe.

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