Abhishek Cherian George Photo

Abhishek Cherian George

Owner, Spiffy Dapper


Abhishek C George is the dude who runs The Spiffy Dapper. These days his bartenders rarely let him enter the bar. Mostly because he drinks too much and makes too much trouble. He is kinda philosophical about cocktails, and writes a fair bit on the subject.

Abhishek C George is also a co-founder at http://fnb.com.sg, a B2B startup, and the head honcho at Apostrophe Collective, a consulting and incubation firm behind brands link Coco Shake Shack, Muddy Rascal, and Dapper Coffee. A serial explorer of failures, he is interested in finding elemental and simple answers to the questions and problems we have.

Buy him a drink and sit him down and you will be sorry you did.

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