Kick Off Your Journey

Know Your Options

Find out if your company has a budget for employee development and education, and if there are certain criteria you need to meet in order to get partially or fully reimbursed.


Make Your Case

Speak with your manager about your goals, and how new skills will help you achieve them. Plus, let them know that 81% of our employer-sponsored students immediately apply the skills they learn at GA on the job.

Enroll in a Course

Chat with our Admissions Team about our courses and how they can help you grow your skillset. You’ll get all the info you need to get enrolled, get reimbursed, and get learning.

I made a great career change thanks to General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive. My new employer then paid for more GA coursework so I’d be empowered to work cross-functionally across teams.”

— Adam Brooks

UX + UI Designer, Front-End Web Development Alumnus