You Are A Brand: Micro-Influencer 101

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You Are A Brand: Micro-Influencer 101 | Online

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Past Locations for this Class

About this class

The social space is crowded. There are so many voices, brands, influencers and memes, so then how do YOU stand out? If you want to share your story, start a brand, become an influencer, make connections or advance your career or passion online, then you need to clearly define your what that is and why people should follow, love and believe in it.

This class will take a deep dive into creating a personal social strategy, based on your strengths, passions and goals. It will include details on:

  • Personal Content pillars & creation
  • Tone and voice
  • What’s your corner stone?
  • Posting cadence
  • Understanding your audience
  • Being relatable online
  • The importance of engagement

During class we will review examples, discuss platforms that accept micro influencers, how to come up with your rates/pricing. From there we will begin a personal social branding exercise that will start with defining what you want to present across social, what platforms are best for you and next steps to achieving your goals. A few students will then present to the class for real-time feedback.


  • How to create a personal social strategy
  • Defining your tone/approach/visual presentation
  • Understanding and connecting with your audience
  • Growing your brand & followers
  • Micro Influencers - platforms and how to become one

Prereqs & Preparation

Computer is all that is needed and 2-3 examples of influencers on social that you like/follow!

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