Word Economy: Say It Straight - Digital Copywriting 101

Past Locations for this Workshop

Word Economy: Say It Straight - Digital Copywriting 101

Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Copywriting is about how to strategically deliver words that gets people to take action. Whether you're looking to promote a service, create a fad, covet a legacy or educate the public, adopting a clear, concise compelling, and confident voice style will earn you a lot more engagement than dry long waffles and 4-syllable jargons. In today's world where content is rampant, engaging your audience is everything. If it's worth talking to anyone at all it's worth talking to them Straight.

This class is designed to be highly practical in its applications and appropriately playful in its methods — imagination and creativity are essential to effective copywriting. Concepts will be illustrated with do's and donut's, class exercises, and copy samples drawn from instructor's own database and popular contemporary sites and brands.

Anyone working in creative and PR agencies, the press or for brands. Students. Bloggers. Entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to improve their writing… all are welcome to join.


  • Get to know the 4Cs Rule on digital copywriting
  • Learn various practical methods of achieving each of the 4Cs
  • Understand why 'word economy' is crucial and how it works
  • Get a basic concept of Tone of Voice
  • Learn why stories are important and a range of story-telling methods

Prereqs & Preparation

None whatsoever apart from an interest in writing or editing.

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