Womxn Voting in Action: Uncast Ballots

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Womxn Voting in Action: Uncast Ballots | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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This year marks one hundred years since womxn gained the right to vote in the United States, Slovakia and Albania. But despite many gains in the global fight for womxn’s suffrage, geographic, political, and social barriers often prevent voting rights from being exercised. Trix Magazine reporter Madeline Moitozo, in a five part series Uncast Ballots, dove into the recent histories of five different countries, surfacing both stories of harrowing voter suppression and the unyielding fortitude of womxn on the frontlines of these struggles. Join Ms. Moitozo for a discussion with a panel of experts in voter suppression and womxn's political empowerment who are shaping policy that impacts the quality of life for girls and womxn across the world.

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