Women in Data + GA: The Real Deal with Product Roadmaps | Online

About this event

One of the key responsibilities of Product Managers is creating a roadmap for your team and communicating it to stakeholders. Doing so comes with challenges, such as how you decide what to build, how you correctly balance time against bugs and client requests, how you align internal teams around the roadmap, and how you communicate timelines internally. Hear from leaders in the field about their experience in navigating these issues and how these use roadmaps as a successful tool.


  • Hear from industry leaders about what makes for a successful product roadmap and why it’s important for everyone to know -from entrepreneurs, to every team function.
  • How to decide on what to build.
  • What tools Product Managers use for roadmapping.
  • How to set and communicate deadlines.
  • Who are the stakeholders of a roadmap, and what they want to see.
  • Best practices for communicating internally and externally.

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