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What The Full-Stack?

Online Campus


Past Locations for this Workshop

What The Full-Stack? | Online

Online Campus


Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

You hear it in elevators and read it in job listings: "Full Stack". But what does it mean? What are the layers in this "stack"? How can I learn about this kind of development? Come and spend an evening with us for answers to these questions and more! We will take a high-level look at the popular design pattern Model-View-Controller (or MVC for short) and the how we use various technologies to implement this pattern. You will learn about the "Model" and the ways we can represent and store data in a web application. We will discuss a few of the popular database technologies, including SQL and No-SQL types. You will learn about the side that the user or customer sees, known as the "View". We will take a look at common technologies used in the front-end "View" including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the popular view framework known as React. Finally, we will cover the "Controller" portion of the stack and a few of the popular web server solutions, including Node and Express.

Who should attend

  • Career-changers seeking information about the web development landscape.
  • Aspiring, new web developers.
  • Hiring managers.
  • Recruiters.
  • Prospective Web Development Immersive students.


  • Welcome & Introduction to Full-Stack
  • MVC Explained
  • The Model
    • Why Databases?
    • Relational (SQL) Databases
    • Non-relational (No SQL) Databases
  • The View
    • Browsers
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • JS/CSS libraries
    • React

  • The Controller
    • Web (HTTP) Servers
    • Monolithic Server Frameworks
    • Node/Express
  • Examples of other stacks

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