Web Development with Python and Flask

Web Development with Python and Flask | Dallas

About this workshop series

This two-day class will teach you how to build a personal website for hosting blog articles and posting your resume online. The class will use Python and the Flask web development framework to create a basic website. Students will deploy their websites on Heroku's hosting service. The class will provide the html, css and javascript code necessary for the website, but the course materials will not be focusing on these topics.


Students will build and deploy Python, HTML and CSS files for a personal website that will host blog articles and pdf documents (e.g., resume).

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of Python (e.g., completion of the General Assembly Intro to Python course) and at least 40 hours of practice.
  • Completion of General Assembly's Dash (free online course at dash.generalassemb.ly) or the equivalent knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Basic knowledge of git (e.g., how to create a new repository, commit changes, push and pull updates)
  • Sublime Text (free trial version at www.sublimetext.com)

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